Exceptional, high-quality, high-bass speakers, with five watts of power output. A little device that's not shy on emitting amazingly big and clear sounds. The clarity of the sound will surprise you.

Music alarm ring tone and adjustable alarm volume. Using a MicroSD card, guests can create and personalize their own ring tone and/or adjust its volume. Who wants to be startled out of bed in the morning by an annoying alarm sound or buzz? The crescendo alarm starts with a soft alarm, then gradually gets louder and louder to make sure your guest wakes up on time, to their favorite, get-up-and-go music and… start the day with a smile.

Four-level, dimmable LCD display, including off. Your guests don't have to be worried about that not-so-subtle LCD display becoming a lighthouse beacon in the middle of the night. Housekeeping won’t find towels draped over the alarm clock.

Some models with FM Radio. A nice added touch. Guests can find their genre anytime.

There’s an internal temperature monitor with an ºF/ºC switch. It will display the temperature of the clock’s display screen. Sometimes, it’s just a nice to know, and your guests can display it in Fahrenheit or Celsius. A nice bonus feature for the heat-sensitive sleeper. Kinda cool.

SureAlarm battery backup, using AAA or lithium batteries insure that the unit will function even if electrical power is lost or interrupted.

And, because of our pride of workmanship, each and every Homtime model is backed by an industry-leading, all-inclusive  two-year warranty. Wow!

Summary of Features

One of its simple, innovative, and ingenious features is its large (silver dollar size) rotary dial button. Guests can simply tap and touch the button to enable and disable the alarm, set the dial to adjust the brightness of the clock’s display during the night, for a seamless, uninterrupted sleep, access all the clock’s features, and easily set the time and alarm. The large rotary dial also performs as the “snooze” button. Who doesn't want just another few minutes in the morning? Maybe another? Okay, it can't make your guests get up...but it is persistent and, more importantly… reliable.

A 3.2-inch LCD, large font display screen, with four levels of adjustable brightness.

Bluetooth® technology. Guest demand compliant. And with a phenomenal range over 100 feet!

Convenient, simultaneous dual-port USB charging. Right up front. Easy to see, easy to use. No searching. The dual USB chargers offer both a 1A port (for smartphones) and a 2.1A port (for tablets). That’s thoughtful technology protocol in providing two (2) different ports. There’s built-in surge protection to protect against overcharging, surges, and overheating, thus ensuring the delivery of steady and sufficient power output to each device…safely. 

PLUS, the newest model includes two (2) power outlets!

Some models can charge three (3) mobile devices simultaneously and there’s even a model for qi-enabled wireless charging. Some models have Apple Lightning connectors for music playing and charging. Guests can listen to their own playlist AND charge their iPhone at the same time.