In some of the
finest hotels in the world.
“Its 3.2 inch screen has 4 levels of brightness for enhanced clarity at different times of the day or night. It supports fast charging technology and has a built in surge protector just in case of a sudden power surge. With its snooze option, you can postpone the alarm further to get a little more sleep. In case of power failure, accidental disconnection of the power cord or inadvertent switching off of the power socket, it accepts AAA batteries as a source of power backup. The most distinguishing feature of this clock is its thermostat with which it measures the room temperature and displays it on the front panel.
Holiday Inn Management, Istanbul, Turkey
“The first thing that impressed me is the short learning curve I had before I knew how to utilize all the functionality in this Bluetooth® alarm clock. The materials used carries substance, it is dense for its size and although the speaker is small, the sound is crisp and the bass carries through in clear adequate fashion. Setting the time and alarm is a snap." JW Marriott Guest
“Love this alarm clock! This clock does everything I need it to. The alarm is plenty loud and while you can insert a micro sd card and put your own tone on there, I found the default one to be good enough. I also like how you can charge your phone or whatever device you had with the two USB inputs. You can adjust the brightness of the display. And one of my favorite feature is you can connect to your phone with Bluetooth®. I mainly use that to play music to help me fall asleep. Overall, this is a great clock and I'd highly recommend it.”  Crowne Plaza Guest, Sydney, Australia
“It's Fantastic! I needed an alarm clock but this one is so much more. With the 2 USB ports, I can charge my phone and tablet. There's a built in Bluetooth® speaker for listening to music. But the biggest surprise to me was the built-in thermometer so I can know the temperature of my room instantly. It is light and compact. The dim setting does not disturb my sleep and I have extremely sensitive eyes. I highly recommend this clock.”  Hotel Nikko Guest
 “The alarm can satisfy those of you who are easy to wake up with a soft alarm to start, which gradually gets louder and louder for those of you who sleep like a rock!  If you don’t like a cannon to wake up to, you can even use the included micro SD card to add your own alarms or music to wake up to!”  Shanghai Le Meridien Guest
“I simply love how easy it is to use, how easy it was to set up, and how easy it was to sync my devices to play music when I want to while this is nearby.  I also enjoy knowing I can upload my own music to the supplied gear to play any song I wanted as my alarm wake-up song.” InterContinental Singapore Guest
“A great selection with over a dozen models. Perfect size. Perfect sound quality. Perfect features. Perfect ease-of-use. Just a great alarm clock…period!”  Rosedale Hong Kong